Beware Of Celebs Who Make Marriage Look Like A ‘Fairy Tale!’

Till death do us part and ‘happily ever after‘….is that really too much to expect? Being optimistic is great, but being realistic is probably a better way to manage your expectations of married life! Finding ‘the one’ that you want to spend the rest of your life with, raise a family and enjoy life with is the best feeling ever. But it’s not always going to be a bed of roses. Just like life itself, marriage has it’s ups and downs and staying married takes some work and effort. The ‘fairy-tale’ images that celebrities and magazines portray, is often far more glamorous than real life for ordinary couples. But the good news is that us ‘ordinary folk’ have a far better chance of staying married…..

A top judge has warned couples against developing false expectations of marriage from glossy magazines as celebrities are twice as likely to divorce than ordinary couples. After ten years of marriage the divorce rate for celebrities is 40 percent. For ordinary couples, the figure is just 20 percent over the same amount of time.

The study argues that the celebrity culture absorbed from magazines gives us unrealistic, fairy-tale expectations about marriage and relationships.

What’s the BEST advice you would give to a ‘just married‘ couple to boost their chances of staying married ‘till death do us part?’

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