Robert Pattison’s Encounter With ‘Random Guitar Guy’ In Nashville!

Brad Paisley may be one of the most recognizable faces in Country music, but it seems not everyone knows who he is. Twilight star Robert Pattinson was recently in Nashville and decided to do a little guitar shopping at Gruhn’s Guitars, one of Music City’s best-known shops. As Pattison was browsing through the store checking out all all the guitars, the staff kept asking him if he wanted this random guy ‘Brad who just happened to be in the store at the same time, to play the guitar for him so he could hear the sound of each guitar….

Pattinson had no idea he was in the presence of Country-music royalty as Brad showed him a few chords and helped him pick out some stuff to buy. Robert says of his guitar shopping experience:

“Every single time I touched a guitar [the employees] were like, ‘Do you want Brad to just play it?’ I was like, ‘Well …? I just thought it was a guy who worked there. I just had no idea who he was.”

I think big stars like Brad Paisley would actually get a kick out of NOT being recognized! I know that one time when I was at a Red Wings game, I happened to be in an elevator with the famous hockey announcer Don Cherry. I had NO CLUE who he was, and was just having idle chit-chat with him and he was super friendly and laughing at the same time. After he left the elevator, a woman who worked at the Joe said to me, “You have NO CLUE who that was, do you?” I replied, “Well no, why is he someone famous?” She laughed and explained he was like hockey royalty and said she could tell he liked the fact I had no idea who he was and he was not always that ‘chatty’ with fans who recognized him!
Have you or someone you know ever had a brush with a famous celebrity, but you had no idea at the time you met them?

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