Miley Cyrus Dissing ‘Papa’ Billy Ray For Spreading False Wedding Rumors!

Celebrities like Miley Cyrus are always the target of ‘rumors & gossip’ and she seems to take most stuff in stride! While sitting down for an interview on The Ellen Degeneres Show last week, Miley Cyrus was forced to dispel rumors that she was planning not one, not two, but three weddings with fiance Liam Hemsworth. But this time it was not ‘un-named sources’ who started the rumors. It was actually her Papa Billy Ray Cyrus himself, who was guilty of spreading the tabloid rumors– and his daughter is not too happy about it….

Miley told Ellen point blank:

“I don’t know what my dad is doing, or where my dad is on the planet, my dad knows nothing. I don’t know what he is making up … I hate to put him on blast, but he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.” Yikes!

That comment must have stung Billy Ray, but perhaps he will keep his mouth shut about Miley’s wedding plans from here forward! But I am sure he meant no harm, it is an exciting time for parents when their children are getting married, and he was probably just ‘bragging’ a bit out of pride! Hopefully Miley cuts him some slack and understands his intentions were not bad at all!

There are some parents who go overboard when their kid is getting married, and end up driving their kid crazy!

Did your mom or dad drive you crazy when you were planning your wedding?

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