Do You Do Anything Special For Thanksgiving?

While you might not know it, there are a lot of weird customs when it comes to Thanksgiving.  There are plenty of families that have made it a tradition of going to the Casinos downtown on Thanksgiving.  One of my absolute favorite things about Thanksgiving, of course, is the Detroit Lions always have a big game!  I’m not the only on that loves football on Thanksgiving!

According to PR News Wire, 64% of people will be watching Thanksgiving football this year, however, that is not the only thing they are going to do.  56% of people say they are going to be playing board games on Thanksgiving day!  I guess when you have the whole family over, food isn’t the only thing that brings people together!  Other things people are going to be doing are:

#2.)  Nearly half of the people that host Thanksgiving begin preparing the dinner on the Monday or Tuesday of Thanksgiving week.

#3.)  55% of Thanksgiving guests bring the host a gift . . . and 84% of the gifts are a dessert or side dish.

#4.)  48% of hosts let someone else carve the turkey . . . usually their significant other.

#5.)  41% of people will take a nap on Thanksgiving.

#6.)  52% have a second helping of dinner.

#7.)  One in three people say they like leftovers better than Thanksgiving dinner itself.

#8.)  And 86% of guests say they help with cleaning up and washing dishes after Thanksgiving dinner . . . but 56% of hosts say they don’t LET their guests help out.

So, what do you plan on doing for Turkey Day?  You can read more about what other people are doing by clicking HERE!

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