5 Million Dollar Lottery Winner Waits 6 Years To Claim Prize!

A lottery winner in New York waited six years to claim his $5 million ticket in order to make sure that his fiancé married him for love and not his money! SIX YEARS!! That is crazy…the interest alone on that kid of money is probably more than an average person would make in a year! And if this dude had that kind of doubts about his ‘bride-to-be,’ why in the heck did he even bother to get married! If I was his wife, I think I would be pretty ticked off for his reason to wait so long to collect that kind of cheddar!

Andy Ashkar went forward in March, just 11 days before the prize would have expired. Ashkar said he bought the ticket at his parents’ convenience store in 2006 abut he waited so long to claim his prize because he was concerned the windfall could ‘negatively influence’ his life if he didn’t plan properly before being publicly introduced as the winner.

How would you react if your husband or wife won a huge lottery prize, and did not tell you for 6 years?

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