Brad Paisley Cow Project Update: Steve Grunwald ‘Cattle Curator’ Successful!

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Cow shopping excursion in Africa

Steve Grunwald Cow Shopping for Brad Paisley in Africa (Photo by Josh Chadwick/99.5 WYCD)

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My day started with a 4 a.m. wake up call in Nairobi. The driver was picking us up at 5 a.m. for a 4-5 hour trip south to Southern Kenya. So far I am going on less than 5 hours sleep in 48 hours.

The traffic on the roads is horrible. Mostly trucks with random police check points. Oh and the police carry AK-47s. They don’t mess around. I would have taken a photo of them but I was told if I did I would be arrested.

The people are so nice here but the poverty is really sad. It breaks my heart seeing the kids so malnourished. Lots of onion and tomato stands along the way. Odd I know.

About 2 hours outside of Nairobi we stopped to see if we could buy some cows but the price was too high and we kept driving. We arrived at Amboseli Park early and were greeted by the Masai. A couple miles from the Masai camp we came across about 100 cows that were grazing with the owners. We stopped and agreed to buy not one but 4 cows. In addition to Brad Paisley’s cow, which shall be named “Paisley,” Rascal Flatts want to buy one cow each also for the Masai people. Their cow’s names will be “Joe Don,” “Gary” and “Jay.”

cattle in africa Brad Paisley Cow Project Update: Steve Grunwald ‘Cattle Curator’ Successful!

These cows too much moo-lah, we kept shopping! (Steve Grunwald/99.5 WYCD)

A deal was struck and we purchased 4 baby cows. I spent every penny I have thinking there must be an ATM around here some place. I know, how stupid of a thought that is at this point, so please don’t remind me. They are to be delivered in a few hours. We will give you another update then, with photos to come. They are pretty cute. The African sun must be baking my brain. I don’t know if I ever have called cattle “cute” before, and I hope I don’t ever again. I better go.

Steve Grunwald/99.5 WYCD

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