Kip Moore’s Early Music Inspiration Came From A Meager Year In ‘Paradise’

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Kip Moore (Photo by Kurt Wolff/CBS Local)

Kip Moore (Photo by Kurt Wolff/CBS Local)

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He loves surfing, old pick-up trucks and baseball and his latest super hit “Something About A Truck” made number one on the Billboard charts two weeks in a row, but there is much more to Kip Moore than meets the eye!

Kip tells the story behind “Something About A Truck” when he talks with WYCD personality Rachael Hunter backstage at the Downtown Hoedown.  “It’s about small town life in south Georgia and I think that’s the reason that song has resonated so much, because ‘small town America’ is everywhere.  I think that as a teenager growing up in small towns you were so suppressed, as far as there was nothing to do, so you always trying to sneak out and find a field; you pile everybody up in a truck…that’s the way we lived growing up.”

Kip tells us he loved his dad’s truck, but he only got to drive it on occasion. Kip’s ride was “the most run down Isuzu, that was passed down to me from both of my brothers with 300K miles and one hubcap.”

His music start was a gig in a place called the Mellow Mushroom in Georgia that was “actually a killer little place, had a real cool stage and was a really happenin’ live music joint.” 

The inspiration for much of Kip’s music after graduating from college, came from  living in Hawaii for a year, “outside on a concret slab with a screen around it and a little roof. . .that was $50 a month, showered at the beaches mainly” surfed every day and roamed around with a backpack “and a bunch of canned tuna.”  He had a little beat up Yamaha guitar that he carried around and everything he was writing came from that experience.

A life lesson learned, Kip tells us however that “Even living out there in paradise, unless I was doing music I wasn’t going to be a happy person.”

Other musical influences came from his dad, who is no longer with us, but he tells us “I thought my dad was so cool, whatever he liked, I liked. Bob Seger was his all time favorite. . .and he listened to Jackson Browne, Kristofferson; but Bob Seger’s “Against the Wind” was his all time favorite song.” 

Kip Moore will be joining Eric Church this September for the Blood, Sweat & Beers Tour. Find out more tour dates here.

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