Dierks Bentley Pilots Plane To Detroit For Downtown Hoedown [Exclusive Interview]

The skies were friendly for Downtown Hoedown artist Dierks Bentley as he piloted himself  into Detroit for the 3 day festival! After about a 2 1/2 hour flight in a rented single engine Cirrus, Dierks arrived safely to talk with WYCD personality Steve Grunwald.

Dierks laughs as he explains that “it’s nice to get up there and clear your head, I enjoy it, it’s a great way to see the landscape, and we flew in between all those planes that had the banners for DejaVu. . .” 

As we know, Dierks father passed away last Friday and his appearance at the Downtown Hoedown marks the first since his loss.  Looking forward to getting back on stage, Dierks explains “I’ve been with him (his dad) for the last 2 weeks, it’s tough, there’s lots of waves of sadness – and gratitude as well, but I’ve known this show has kinda been in the background, it’s been a real source of happiness for me, because I love being onstage with the guys in the band, so it’s well needed medicine and between that and the fans and the cold beer, it’s gonna be a great night.”

Dierks father had to be a great man as he is the reason Dierks is performing country today. “My dad loved country radio, loved all the old stuff too. I grew up listening to country radio with my dad, I kind of veered off and listened to Van Halen and some other rock stuff between 13 and 17…Hank Jr. got me back into it and when I was 17, I knew exactly what I wanted to do.”

Now that he opened the door to a discussion about Van Halen, Steve Grunwald asked if there is any correlation between his latest hit “5-1-5-0” and Van Halen. “It does, I actually borrowed it from those guys.”  Jokingly Steve asks Dierks, “Did you ask if that was okay?” Dierks responded, “I haven’t, I’ve met Eddie (Van Halen) before, I’m a huge fan – I love that 5-1-5-0 is police code in California for a crazy person, so my friends and I use that as slang saying we’re gonna get 5-1-5-0’d tonight; gonna get crazy.”  Incidently “5-1-5-0” is “doing well and is probably one of our fastest climbing songs and the reaction from the crowds is great.” 

As he tells us that after doing video shoots for so many years, he realized it is a great way to have fun.  So to multi-task, get the video done and accomplish that fun, he took his truck to a mud bog, just outside of Savannah Georgia for the shooting of “5-1-5-0.”

In a big mud pit, there was “mud bogging, belly dives and all sorts of craziness.” You can see Dierks driving his clean white pick-up truck  through the mud in the video below.  Dierks describes the fate of said truck, “tried to get my truck across the mote of mud – didn’t quite make it but had a lot of fun!”

If you are wondering if that truck got clean yet, Dierks describes how he was out back of his house trying to hose off the mud (which didn’t come off quite so easily as expected) when a bus full of people on a tour to see homes of the stars drives by. That had to be quite an unexpected surprise for those tourists and to make a long story short, Dierks’ bus driver has the chore of getting that truck to it’s shiny white color again. “It’s in good hands,” he tells us.

CLICK HERE to listen to the complete interview at the Downtown Hoedown with Dierks Bentley!

The 30th anniversary WYCD Downtown Hoedown is taking place this weekend (June 8-10) in downtown Detroit.

Nanci Haskin/99.5 WYCD


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