Was THE FARM Left Stranded Ahead Of The Hoedown?

What do a cell phone, a foreign gentleman, a tissue dispenser and some tummy troubles have to do with THE FARM‘s trip to Detroit for the Downtown Hoedown?

More than these two country guys and one gal probably had anticipated.

the farm Was THE FARM Left Stranded Ahead Of The Hoedown?

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Upon the group’s arrival in the Motor City, THE FARM tweeted (@TheFarmMusic) a pic of themselves, laden with plenty of luggage, sitting on the curb outside Metro Airport.

“who wants to come pick us up?? @995wycdDetroit Hoedown we’ll see you at 6pm!”

So, were Nick Hoffman, Damien Horne and Krista Marie really left stranded and abandoned on the mean streets of Romulus? As it turns out, no … as Jason the 300 lb. Cowboy discovered in an interview following THE FARM’s arrival at Comerica Park.

What really happened is kinda a funny story, said Nick.

“I was in the bathroom at the airport. I had some gastrointestinal problems that I needed to take care of.  So, I went in there I sat my phone on top of the toilet paper roll thing,” he said.

And, by time Nick realized he’d left it in there, some other dude had grabbed it.

“Some guy who could barely speak English … who was probably on the crapper as well …. answered my phone with his dirty, dirty hands,” Nick said.

Well, long story short (too late?), with the others waited on the curb, he was able to reconnect with the guy and get his phone back . Their ride did in fact arrive and they made it to the show with time to spare.

Along with their regular set, THE FARM was chosen to sing the National Anthem at the Hoedown Saturday night.

Was it tough to prepare to perform such an important, and often difficult song?

“I think vocally it is, just because of the range … but it’s always an honor,” said Damien.

” … We welcome it, you know, anytime we get a chance to do it,” Damien said. “It’s just showing, you know, gratitude to our country and the people who fought for us and allow us to be here and free and get out here and do a Hoedown and play music and do what we love … It’s an honor.”

Can’t get enough of THE FARM?

CLICK HERE to listen to the full interview and look out for their new album, set to drop July 17th.

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