The Justin Bieber Of Country Music, Hunter Hayes Says ‘Wanted’ Was A ‘Dream Checklist’

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Just a little over a year ago, a then 19 year old Hunter Hayes was on a radio tour promoting his debut album  release, Storm Warning. Today Downtown Hoedown artist Hunter Hayes has headlined for sold out crowds, toured with Taylor Swift and Rascal Flatts and made his Grand Ole Opry debut, as well as being nominated for 2012 ACM Awards ‘New Artist of the Year.’

Hunter tells WYCD personality Jack Shell the story behind the song “Wanted” and explains that is was inspired by “someone that will remain anonymous.”  It was written for a particular girl who is a “good friend and she’ll stay that way, but she doesn’t know the song was written for her, because at the time it was written, it didn’t really ‘work,’ so the song didn’t do it’s job.”

He skirts around the question of what he is looking for in a girl and exclaims “Oh God, I have no idea.  Honestly, someone that I can pal around with and be friends with.  ‘Wanted’ was kind of an imagination, sort of a ‘dream checklist’ – what I want out of a relationship, and of course didn’t work, but someday. . .”

No doubt, the all American, clean cut and youthful Hunter Hayes has plenty of prospects, with teen girls (and even their mommas) swooning at every note, he could be compared to the Justin Bieber of country music.  The reaction to Hunter’s newest hit “Wanted” is getting a strong requests for airplay as Jack Shell informs Hunter, “the reaction we’re getting to your songs is absolutely incredible!” Jack recalls that in all his years of radio, he’s doesn’t remember another artist who “has girls calling up and actually screaming your song titles at me.”

How is Hunter affected when girls “freak out?”  “Very positively, it’s life changing, it’s awesome!  I love that I put out an album with songs people actually care about.”

Though he has been playing an instrument since age 4, it may seem like it came easy to the musician who recounts that he “plays 30-something” instruments and that “my first was an accordian, because it was a gift from my grandmother.” 

Here is the official music video for the song that is all the rage.  Watch “Wanted!”

Listen to the complete Hunter Hayes Interview at the 2012 Downtown Hoedown

The 30th anniversary WYCD Downtown Hoedown is taking place this weekend (June 8-10) in downtown Detroit.

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