What Women Should Know About Men

As a guy, I wish women just knew what we were thinking.  Not because I am too lazy to tell them, but I feel that if I spoke my mind, I may just get in trouble.  And thanks to Match.com, there is an actual list of a few things that women should know about men.  I promise, none of these are weird or goofy.  This list is how most men feel, so even if you don’t start taking these things into consideration today, just sit on in for a few, soak them all in, and enjoy!  Maybe there are even a few things you DID know!

Thanks to Yahoo and Match.com, here is a list of things that men would LOVE to have women know.  These may not be true for ALL men, but I think the list is pretty close!

According to the list, the number one thing that women should know about men is “men like it when a woman makes the first move.”  I think this is mainly because men are afraid to be shot down.  And most men won’t really turn women away, so women, you should be set!  Secondly, “it’s OK to play hard to get — but avoid those stale, old-school tactics.”  Some men might like the chase, but don’t make it too tough on them!  More on the list include:

3. Men are more sensitive about the way they look than you think. 
4. Excessive communications drama can push men away.
5. Saying “I love you” is a huge step for a guy. 
6. It means something when a man introduces you to his friends. 

To get the rest of the list, head to Yahoo.com

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