Guess What ‘Works’ Better Than Bleach To Keep Whites Bright White?

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My husband Jeff got into the doghouse with me, for forgetting to add the water softener to our well water that has way too much iron in it. Not only did my blonde hair turn orange, so did a whole load of whites that I was washing before I noticed! I tried bleaching the while clothes to get the orange iron stains out to no avail Then I remembered a tip that a waitress at Frankenmuth gave me about how the waitresses there all use “The Works” toilet bowl cleaner to keep their super white aprons all bright white! So I bought some and washed the whites AGAIN using “The Works” instead of bleach and it was AMAZING how well it worked!

I have added a little bit of “The Works” to other loads of white laundry, t-shirts and towels that did not seem so ‘bright white’ anymore and I am telling you….I am still amazed at how it makes white clothes bright white again, and does not leave any odor and does not seem to affect the clothes either!

As for my ‘orange hair’…another whole story! But I did get this cool stuff from Sally’s Beauty Supply called “ION” …..a small packet of powder that you mix with one ounce of water, and it removes all hair product buildup AND iron deposits from your hair! That too, worked like a charm!

Frankenmuth is not just for ‘chicken dinner’ to me anymore!  What crazy tips for laundry or cleaning do you have that you want to share with the rest of us?

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