Mega Millions: Most Frequently Drawn Numbers

If you want to win the big jackpot, it would seemingly make sense to play the numbers that come up most frequently. We did a little digging – very little, actually – and found the numbers that come up most often in Mega Millions drawings. Also, we found some of the odds nobody’s mentioning.

Let’s start with the most frequently-drawn numbers:

  • #48 has been drawn 83 times
  • #36 has been drawn 75 times
  • #12 has been drawn 73 times
  • #53 has been drawn 73 times
  • #46 has been drawn 71 times
  • #51 has been drawn 71 times
  • #52 has been drawn 71 times

And now, the most frequently-drawn Mega Ball

  • #36 has been drawn 24 times
  • #9 has been drawn 22 times
  • #35 has been drawn 21 times
  • #7 has been drawn 20 times

lottery3 e1333102961389 Mega Millions: Most Frequently Drawn NumbersNow, your odds of winning are pretty slim. In fact…

  • You are up to 45 times more likely to die from a lightning strike than from winning the lottery.
  • You are 120 more times likely to die from flesh-eating bacteria than to win the lottery.
  • You are 3-million times more likely to die in an asteroid collision in the year 2029
  • You are 99-thousand times more likely to injure yourself while brushing your teeth
  • The odds of winning the lottery are 1 in 58 million. The odds of getting pregnant from a one-night stand are 1 in 20.

I did a little work and came up with even more odds, though some of these are unconfirmed:

  • You’re 500 times more likely to have Lindsay Lohan show up at your house asking if you have any vodka and happen to know how to defeat an ankle monitor.
  • You’re 700 times more likely to discover an original Picasso being sold at a yard sale for seven bucks.
  • You’re 8-thousand times more likely to be abducted by space aliens, have your brain reprogrammed, then returned to Earth so you can resume your job as a JetBlue pilot.
  • You’re ten-thousand times more likely to be able to squeeze your butt cheeks together with enough force to turn sand into diamonds.
  • You’re ten times more likely to find a naughty video of someone you know on the internet.
  • …You’re five times more likely to discover that video is from one of us.
  • …in other words, it’s Chuck.
  • You’re 82 times more likely to win a gold medal at this summer’s Olympics even though you haven’t had any athletic training since high school PE.
lottery1 e1333103456317 Mega Millions: Most Frequently Drawn Numbers

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