Last.fm Trends: Reba McEntire Delivers Chart Tremors

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reba mcentire Last.fm Trends: Reba McEntire Delivers Chart Tremors

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Reba McEntire is another of Country music’s legendary stars. As Last.fm Trends continues to run down all the winners of the CMA Entertainer of The Year award it’s now the singer’s turn in the spotlight for her 1986 win.

One of the first things to notice about McEntire’s listeners is that they’ve been steadily growing throughout the last year. The graph below is snapshot of listeners to “Consider Me Gone” over the last six months and it’s pretty reflective of her music across the board.

screen shot 2010 10 25 at 14 44 54 Last.fm Trends: Reba McEntire Delivers Chart Tremors

Where typically McEntire’s catalog was pulling a peak of 200 listeners a week in 2009, that’s now a number that each track in her top ten exceeds week after week. That could be down to the release last year of Keep on Loving You – from which “Consider Me Gone” was taken – which has had a really strong showing across the board. The album has now pulled a total of 93,033 plays from her fans.

The other songs that make up McEntire’s top tracks are a mix: some of the mid-eighties country classics she picked up her CMA award for still make the cut (“Whoever’s In New England” comes top of that pack with 28,066 scrobbles) while some of the material released around her acting appearance in Tremors also does well. In fact 1991′s “Fancy” comes top with 96,831 plays, despite never scoring a country chart number one.

Surprisingly low on the list though is “I’m a Survivor,” the theme to her hit show Reba. It comes third in her most played tracks with 50,961 plays to date, a number her more recent singles may soon leave in the dust.

Discover more about the CMA Entertainers of the Year at Last.fm Trends throughout October, as the site celebrates Country Music Month.

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