Christian Kane Music Video: “The House Rules!”

Okay all you ‘Kaniacs‘ this one is for you!  Christian Kane‘s debut country music video for “The House Rules!” You may know him as the strong, silent Eliot on TNT’s Leverage, but we call it like we see him – a fast rising country music star with that southern boy charm!

Here is the video for “The House Rules” directed by fellow Leverage actor Timothy Hutton.

Go behind the scenes and get in on the conversation between Christian Kane and Timothy Hutton, Leverage Co-Star and Director of “The House Rules!”

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  • Kat Steen

    Kane rules always :)

  • Amy Smith

    I’ve been looking forward to the video for some time. It did not disappoint! Love the music & the energy! What an awesome job by everyone involved!

  • DebiAJacks

    The House Rules video is ROCKIN!!! I love it. Great job to Tim Hutton, Christian Kane and everyone else involved. The song and the video are both amazing.

  • OkieCam16

    In Oklahoma there’s an old joke that we have both kinds of music: Country and Western. Well this Okie and his band prove that Country can and does Rock!! I’m glad you “call it like you see him” and that you have such clear vision. Can’t wait to see, and hear, more of Kane on!!!! Thank you from all the Kaniacs and, in advance, from all the soon-to-be Kaniacs!

    • Kaniacfilly

      Kickin’ commentary, OkieCam16 I’m glad you “call it like you see ’em & him”

  • Sage K.

    Amazing video, fantastic singer. Can’t wait to see more from Christian Kane. Been a fan for 10+ years, and I’m always excited to hear new music from him. Can’t wait until can buy the new album this Dec.

    Please keep on playing Kane’s music!

  • Deb Daniels

    Waited a while for it and it’s been worth it! Great video! Thanks for posting!

  • Shazza

    Fantastic. Such a hugely anticipated video that didn’t disappoint. Fun, frivolity and lots of eye candy for everyone. Brilliant and couldn’t be more proud.

  • Mary

    It’s finally here! What a great way to wake up in the morning! “The House Rules” by Christian Kane absolutely rocks! Thank you CMT!

  • Wendy

    Dayum… just Dayum :D Great Job!
    And… It’s about time too!!!

  • LucieTheKaniac

    I was looking forward to this music video for a long time, and I mean a very long time. And it was worth waiting! Timothy Hutton did such a great job. And Aldis Hodge at the begging of the vid is bonus! And I love CK T-shirt! ;)

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    […] Christian Kane “The House Rules” […]

  • Ali Kat

    That was KICKA$$!!! I’m so proud of and happy for Christian Kane and his boys – Steve, Will, Jason, and Ryan. Tim Hutton did an AMAZING job on this video. Love the cameo of Aldis Hodge too! And the dancers and extras were killer too.This video was clearly a lot of hard world but Kaniacs know it was a true labor of love. Kane has worked hard for this and deserve all the success this will bring them. I hope the world is ready for the Kane storm because it’s here! Buckle up tight!

  • Cheryl Moore

    Absolutely amazing! This video and the song Rock the House! Christian Kane is so talented and still down to earth. He remembers his roots and really appreciates his fans. It’s wonderful to see him finally get the recognition he has deserved for so long.T rust us Kaniacs! House Rules! #7!

  • Jennifer

    The video rocks, Christian Rocks and i was very proud and honored to be a part of it..ty

  • Belladhanna

    Finally! I haven’t wanted to see a video so bad in a long time. It turned out great. I love the look of it, so thank you Mr. Hutton and that bit of Aldis Hodge…niiiice. The guy singing wasn’t half bad either. ;) Very energetic, lots of fun, and for a new fan like me who’s never seen him live, it’s nice to see the band. Great job.

  • Melissa Cook

    The video is amazing. Great work by Tim Hutton. I have been lucky enough to see Christian and the boys perform this live three times and the feeling was captured wonderfully.

    I am excited for the rest of the country music world to know what Kaniacs have know for years – Christian Kane is AWEsome.

  • Larry Fleming

    All I can say is WOW!! This is one hot video. I was there when it was filmed and the excitement was definitely there. I love the way it turned out. Everyone remember Christian Kane, he’s very talented down home country boy.

  • betsytacy

    Love the video–and the music!

  • Berry

    There’s not much I would roll out of bed at 6 AM for…but a chance to see this video on CMT did it. It was wonderful and just what I expected from Kane. This is just the beginning of great things ahead.

  • DeeKaye

    One word for this video — AWESOME!!! Congrats to Christian, Timothy Hutton, and everyone who has worked to make this day a reality!! Great song, please play it often. Oh yeah, and Christian, you ROCK. Rule #7! ;-) Kaniacs everywhere are celebrating your success!

  • slcMI

    Nice video, welcome home to the wolf and his pack!

  • Rusty

    Wow! Great job Christian, Tim, Noah and everyone else involved. Soooo glad to see this finally coming together for CK!

  • Becky

    Love it! Christian Kane does it right! Love him!!

  • bcbray

    Congratulations to everyone involved in the making of the video! It is fantastic, and I am so glad it is finally available. Been waiting forever. And, thanks to WYCD for being such a supporter of Kane! We really appreciate it.

  • Depoetic

    APPLAUSE! APPLAUSE! OH! Thank you SO much for putting Christian Kane’s new video up on your site!!! WHAT a way to ROCK THE HOUSE!!! I hope y’all give him a lot of air time – ’cause this is SUCH a fun song! Again THANK YOU for having the video available here!

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