“Hawaii Five-O” Theme Song Lyrics!

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Did you know the theme song for Hawaii Five-O has lyrics? Neither did I, but it does and we’ve got them.

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Think of the song as you sing these words:

“If you’re feelin’ lonely
You can come with me
Feel my arms around you
Lay beside the sea
We will think of somethin’ to do
Do it til it’s perfect for you
And for me too
You can come with me.
So leave your world behind you
You can come with me
Sing a song I’ll teach you
Live your fanta-seeeeee
Love ya in a natural way
Doesn’t matter what time of day
You and I play
You can come with me
Won’tcha come with me
You can come with me.
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  • Yoel Engel

    I just wrote a song about love for my girlfriend and I thought I would find lyrics on your blog so that I can compare my song, and I’m happy I did! :P but anyhoo… you’re blog is wayy nicer than mine that’s for sure! If you have the extra 3 minutes to listen to the song I wrote that’s on youtube, click here –> A Song About Love <– and dont forget to rate and comment the song! :) thanx SOOOOOO much! :D

  • VegasDDubSoldier

    The idea to bring Hawaii Five-O back to television is a great one since LOST fans miss the island, the characters, and the writing & producing of a hit show. I truly appreciate seeing Daniel Dae Kim a hero once again! CBS Rocks as they have brought #TheDefenders in Vegas, a beautiful island of diversity in Hawaii Five-O, and the heat of Donnie Wahlberg in crime fighting family in Blue Bloods! Forget the cold that will approach us this winter, we have summer heat on CBS on this new season ! I am singing with *Detroit Rock City* ;) WOOO

  • Joel

    Who performed the original song???

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