UPDATE: Dr Don Recovers Justin Moore’s Guitar!

justin moore1 e1268586240391 UPDATE: Dr Don Recovers Justin Moores Guitar!

Someone stole [lastfm]Justin Moore[/lastfm]’s guitar right off the stage during Friday night’s concert in Royal Oak.  But now it’s on its way back to Justin!Here’s what Justin tweeted after Friday night’s show:

“Great show in Mi tonight. But somebody stole my guitar off stage. Please own up. It means more to me than you know. Dont be a [jerk]. Do right”

justin moore live shot for blog UPDATE: Dr Don Recovers Justin Moores Guitar!Well, the guy who took it heard about this post on WYCD.com and arranged to return it to me. Man, it felt like a scene out of a movie as I met one of the guy’s friends in a pre-arranged location Sunday to get the guitar back. Texted photos of it to Justin who called to thank the guy. And I want to thank the guy who took it for owning up and doing the right thing. Here’s an excerpt from the apology letter stuck in the case:

“Look, man, I (messed) up major, man. It was a drunken mistake. I love your music so much!! God will get me for what I have done. Well, hope to see you in MI soon. But I would like to deeply and sincerely apologize for what I’ve done. Like your wonderful song, “How I Got To Be This Way,” we all make mistakes. … I’m going out and buying 50 of yo9ur CDs today. I hope and pray you have a wonderful long career. … I’m sure you got some yelling and punching of me to do.”

I love a story with a happy ending. But I told Justin, “Next concert, leave the good guitar at home and play a rental.” Which it appears he’s doing in this photo.


  • DebbieB

    That’s was so wrong!!!! Who ever has it give it back!!!!

  • mary

    How rude own up and give it back he probably signed a lot of things for you last night thats how great of a guy he is….he took a lot of time with the crowd dont be an ASS…..OWN UP

    • mary

      I was there be real people he put on a hell of a show for all of us…..

  • Katie

    I am so sad to hear this. I do not know anyone who do this. What an a&#$hole! Once again, thanks for giving Detroit a bad name! GIVE IT BACK!!!!

  • Julia

    I agree with Katie. Stealing is just plain wrong and once again Detroit has another black mark. Drop off the guitar either to the radio station or the Royal Oak Theatre. Justin gave a great show and this is how he is going to remember Detroit. Just plain wrong….

  • Vicki

    thats a shame… sorry it went down that way. I hope its just a misplaced guitar and not a stolen one. If so…. what a sad thing for someone to do. I hope you get it back either way.

  • Vicki

    If you went to this show you must have been a guest or paying guest which means you wanted to be there and enjoy Justin playing that guitar… some things just can’t be replaced and it means more to him than it will ever mean to you. Please return the guitar.


    Sorry to hear of his lose, what type of guitar? Brand/model! Thank you, Any current pics or shots of it! Will be looking for it! As a photographer, might see someone playing it!


    Any current picks/shots of the guitar? What brand/model,thank you!

    • http://drdoncarpenter.wordpress.com Dr Don

      Gibson J-45, now recovered!

  • Renee

    I also love happy endings!!! This is a great one! : )

  • SolakNC

    Really glad to hear the guitar has been returned!

  • Debbie B

    I am so glad that the person returned it!!!!!

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  • danny

    man justin has bad luck with guitars. Some elderly guy broke his gibson on a plane haha

  • http://blogs.tennessean.com/tunein/2010/03/15/justin-moore-gets-guitar-snatched-then-returned/ Justin Moore gets guitar snatched, then returned at tennessean.com | Tune In Music City

    […] "Man, it felt like a scene out of a movie as I met one of the guy’s friends in a pre-arranged location Sunday to get the guitar back," Dr. Don wrote on his station WYCD's website. […]

  • Amanda

    I’m SO happy it was given back! Our band opened for Justin, and they asked US 4 times if we had made a mistake and taken it…. We were VERY worried that they thought WE took it!!! What a mess, to be given that opportunity to open for Justin Moore and end the night like that! Thank you SO MUCH to the man who was Man enough to admit his mistake, that takes a big person. You did the right thing, thank you!

    • Sam

      Thank goodness it was returned. What a low thing to do. I love Justin, it was a great show, and Amanda you guys were awesome! LOVE you! :)

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